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    About Us

    Wool textile industry, Mines double main business

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    About Us
    About Us
            The Company, established in 1980, is a modern joint stock enterprise which mainly produces the top grade cashmere sweaters and top grade knitted sweaters. Ever since its establishment in early, the company has been recorded in the history of the Chinese foreign joint ventures as the first batch of Chinese foreign joint ventures of China, and the first Chinese foreign joint venture in the China textile industry and in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; the Company was ever listed in the "Top Ten Best Joint Ventures of China" for five times one after another, and was ever listed in the first place of the rank; was appraised as the Top 500 Enterprises with Best Economic Benefit of China" by the enterprise valuation center of the State Council; being the Top Ten Enterprises in the Textile Industry, and the first place in the rank of the textile industry of Xinjiang.
    Operation in the mode of dual main businesses of mining and wool textile
           The Company was reformed into a joint stock limited company in 1995, and issued shares in April 1998 with the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission, and then in May of the same year the shares were listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code 000813. In July 2009 under the leadership of the Party Committee and the government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a restructuring program was jointly proposed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Xinjiang, Financial Affairs Office of Xinjiang, and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Urumqi city, and the structuring was to be carried out by Xinjiang Kaidi Investment Co., Ltd. In October 2013, the company completed assets restructuring, and through the injection of superior assets, Tianshan Textile realized structure adjustment, assets adjustment and main business adjustment, and was transformed from the single wool textile business into a group company operated in the mode of dual main businesses of mining and wool textile.
    Currently the Company has three self-owned brands
             The sale of the Company’s wool textile products has two markets --- domestic sale and export. Currently the Company has three self-owned brands --- “SS”, "GTS" and “Tianshan”, separately targeting the high-and-medium-grade market and the general consumer group. The series products have been throughout more than 20 provinces and cities in China with more than 200 sale terminals and counters. And the export customers are mainly distributed in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Japan, and Korea and Hong Kong and Macao regions. From “the first company in China introducing the woolen cashmere knitted product” to “leading the new image of China’s cashmere”, from “a cashmere-making specialist of china” to “Renowned Trademark of China”, “Inspection-exempted Product of China” and ”China’s Famous Brand”, the Company has established a brand management system, and walked a road turning extensive development to intensive development.
    Business Concepts
           The Company has been sticking to the business concept of “taking quality as the development base”, and successively passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO4000 environmental management system and other relevant domestic certifications. Over the years, through cooperation with worldwide famous brands, the quality and techniques of the Company’s wool textile products have not only met the state and industry standards, but also been customized according to the different consumption habits of consumers in various countries, making the company’s wool textile products have evident advantage in terms of technology and quality in the wool knitting industry, and have successively won the gold award of quality of the Spanish International Textile Products and Ready-to-wear, the title for best International Trade award, the 15th Quality and Technology Award of Paris, and the honorary title of the first rank in quality assessment of cashmere sweater products in Switzerland.
    Large-scale modernized mine and dressing plant have been fully put into production in 2013
           After the implementation of the restructuring to major assets of the Company, the Company has obtained the exploration right for two copper poly-metallic deposits in Huangtupo mine of Hami, with total area of ore exploration of 70.24 km2; and the exploitation right for one copper-zinc deposit with the area for ore exploitation of 2.021 km2. Presently the proved reserve of copper ore in the mine is 17,507,400.00 tons (including ore cluster I and ore cluster II), in which, the copper reserve is 183,000.00 tons, the zinc reserve is 196,100.00 tons, and with other associated metals of gold, silver, cadmium, gallium, etc; the average tenor of ore is at a relatively high level. The Company has constructed modernized mine and dressing plant with annual ore exploitation and dressing quantity of 500,000 tons, which has been fully put into production in September 2013. For now, the Huangtupo mine of Hami of the Company is among the few middle-large-scale copper-zinc poly-metallic mines in China.
    Do the wool textile business to perfection and excellence, make the mining business bigger and stronger, and promote the enterprise value


            After the restructuring, the Company has entered a new round of development opportunity. The Company will follow the “New Planning, New Strategy, New Goals and New Requirements” to do the wool textile business to perfection and excellence, enhance the existing international and domestic markets and increase market share, so as to achieve rapid and sound development in the wool textile business of the Company. Meanwhile, the Company will play an active role in acquiring new exploration rights for ores, and grasp the opportunity for takeover of good mining assets, so as to make the mining business bigger and stronger and promote the enterprise value.




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